Who is Jay Phoenix?

A splash of colour, a dot of ink, and a cluttered mind.

She’s a YA author focused on creating relatable fiction for a generation that wants to see themselves reflected in the literature they consume.

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Unexpected Loot: Chapter Ten

[September 28, 2014: 14:11] A mystic orb on the shelf above the magic shop counter glows softly in the low flicker of blue flames that hover overhead unattended and unrestrained. In the center of the magical shop of oddities, antiquities stands a wide, iron basin filled with white sand that shimmers like the glowing embers …

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Unexpected Loot: Chapter Nine

PM [Noodles], [Fangmaster], [Kaleidoscope], [Fate], [TwinDragons], [eatBBQ], [YOUTHFULSPRING], [lavenderlady], [lotusblosso… A certain matter of a rather sensitive nature has recently come to my attention once again. Discrimination in any form is not tolerated within our guild or under the ToS of the game. Verbal assault is a criminal offence. The culprit has been reported to …

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Unexpected Loot: Chapter Eight

Beneath the gently swaying branches of a half-naked giant oak, Kaleidoscope stands, hands at her side, while quivering leaves fall. The artificial breeze rustles the changing leaves, hues of gold and red, and ruffles the hem of her new cloak embroidered with silver. [September 28, 2014: 01:28] Guild Chat [TwinDragons] why doesn’t noodles ever wear …

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Unexpected Loot

Sean Montes, online handle Kalidoscope, lives half his life online where he’s made friends, and even gathered a family. One day, the cruelty of reality comes crashing into his safe space in the digital realm, and he’s faced with new choices. But not all surprises are bad, right?

Join Sean and the Fission Chips guild as they traverse the perils of their online fantasy world when one reality bleeds into the other.

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Jayden Phoenix

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I’m Jay Phoenix, and I’m a Canadian YA writer and Pop Culture/Mental Health vlogger. I recently graduated from University, and the world is a bit weird and wacky right now. I need time to create.

All I’ve ever wanted to do is help people. Most would ask how I expect to do that with a degree in Creative Writing and Asian Studies, but the world needs to hear what I have to say.

You Matter

The world is beautiful and diverse, and that needs to be reflected in our fiction. Growing up, all I ever wanted to see was myself reflected in the books I read and the TV I watched. I never did, and neither do millions of others across the world.

It’s series like Percy Jackson and the Olympians, and the Raven Cycle that inspire me. Young adults with learning disabilities. Young adults that struggle with mental illness. Young adults that are gay, asexual, trans, Black, Hispanic, or Aboriginal.

So here’s the problem I face. I can’t create content that matters for young people while working a full-time job. Writing and creating is a full-time career of its own. I want to finish writing my epic YA Sci-fi series that I started 3 years ago, edit the pilot of a YA TV series I’d like to see created, and continue to make content for those who seek acceptance or an escape, but I’ve never had the time to finish because of the daily struggle to pay the bills and eat.

Please help me change the world.