One More Slow Song (2019) WIP

          Being a teenager is hard. Being he lead singer of a popular band and a teen heartthrob is harder. About to graduate high school, seventeen-year-old Chord Lefèvre is about to embark on his first nationwide tour with his band after graduation, but are he and his friends really ready for adulthood?



Solar Tide (TBA)



Unexpected Loot  (2019)

          Sean Montes, online handle Kalidoscope, lives half his life online where he’s made friends, and even gathered a family. One day, the cruelty of reality comes crashing into his safe space in the digital realm, and he’s faced with new choices. But not all surprises are bad, right?

Join Sean and the Fission Chips guild as they traverse the perils of their online fantasy world when one reality bleeds into the other.

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Short Stories

TTYL 😘 (2020)

    The day started out with the usual mundanity, but the world quickly transformed into one of terror and horror. Where were you when the shooting started? When the lockdown landed. What do you do when you’re the one stuck on the outside wondering, waiting; hoping that your loved one will walk out those doors alive.