One More Slow Song: Chapter 12

٩(´Д` ;)۶:.* The moment Tan stepped across the threshold of McGill University in downtown Montreal with Ayla at his side, he was transported back in time. Logically, not in any literal sense. It was almost cliche—the stereotypical university setting from a Hollywood movie like someone had covered the classic stone buildings with creeping ivy for …

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One More Slow Song: Chapter 11

After the death of their mother, Ayla practically raised him. Their father had never had an active role in his life, even before their mother died - that is until Static Shadow had been discovered at a local rock show. Suddenly, he was worth something. He had potential. 

His father never had much respect for the arts or his tapette son. But when he saw dollar signs, he steered his Chord into the national spotlight.

One More Slow Song: Chapter 6

٩(´Д` ;)۶:.* Tan’s mind was a chaotic cacophony of half-formed dilemmas, decisions, and destinations that demanded meditation but his mind could never pacify. Sharp sparks like electric shocks stimulated his every thought after chugging questionable amounts of energy drinks and coffee backstage before their show. Curled into a tight ball on the beanbag chair, he …

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