Unexpected Loot: Chapter Two

Dappled sunlight barely penetrates the thick canopy. A large snake drops from a tree and lands in the center of the path. It slowly uncoils, fangs dripping with poison capable of paralyzing its prey for two attacks. It strikes. Kaleidoscope barely dodges by leaping to the left. The forest path offers very little room to maneuver.

Both hands rise as if drawing an unseen force up from the earth. Magic swirls. Twin flames appear in both palms, and she lands a direct hit to her foe, but the snake strikes again. Its fangs sink into her forearm in an unforgiving bite that pumps poison into her veins. She’s paralyzed, unable to lift her arms or draw her bow to defend herself

from attack. Two strikes come in rapid succession, and her health dwindles.

[Kaleidoscope] A lvl 40 serpent attacked me on the path from Sundare.

[Kaleidoscope] I’m paralyzed.

[Noodles] wnt me to nab ur goods b4 sum1 else if u die

[TheArtfulShadow] use thunder strike followed by snap lightning

[Kaleidoscope] If it’s not too much trouble, Noodles.

Slowly regaining the capability of movement, Kaleidoscope casts a second spell. An eerie bluish mist hangs over the snake, and lightning strikes. It’s a success. Leaping aside, she dodges another attack and lands a killing blow with a second lightning attack. The bolt shoots from her fingertip, striking the serpent, and it explodes in twinkling shards when its health is depleted. On the ground lays a small pile of gold coins and snake skin that would fetch a decent price at the market.

A golden cloud encircles Kaleidoscope’s head and bathes her in a soft light. Her left arm swirls the air as if swinging a stone in a sling, and her health bar rapidly rises into green and fades. Only her name hangs above her head. Fully healed, she sets out once again, an arrow nocked but not drawn.

[Noodles] r u alive

[Kaleidoscope] I survived. But I’m low on healing runes.

I’ll have to rely on low level mana healing spells for now.

In the distance, light breaks through the shroud of gloom. Kaleidoscope quickens her pace, sprinting for the clearing that marks halfway point in the journey between Sundare and Singer Village. One last burst of speed, and she breaks into the sunlight, free from the shadow of danger that lurks in the woods.

At the far end of the clearing sits a large white stone seven

elves high. Around the base, a small army of goblins patrol in worn, battered armour.

[Kaleidoscope] I’m here.

[Kaleidoscope] I only have 9170 EXP until I hit lvl 65 magic.

[Noodles] cool

[Noodles] i’ll be there soon

[TheArtfulShadow] at lvl 70 you gain rapid heal, an enviable gift that will aid the guild in our quest

[Kaleidoscope] I never agreed to join the quest.

[TheArtfulShadow] crystal cavern well. 15:00 server time. sunday.

[TheArtfulShadow] shadow out

[Noodles] is it just me or did u totaly just picture his ranger dropping a mic and walking offstage

[Kaleidoscope] If I’m not mistaken, he signed on at 6 AM with the sole purpose of recruiting me.

Kaleidoscope races across the meadow, her light footsteps barely a whisper. Targeting a single goblin, a quick spell shoots across the grass, closing the distance. An enormous fireball engulfs the goblin, and the creature’s health shrinks into the yellow. Less than half life left.

Battle axe raised above its head, the goblin charges. Kaleidoscope dodge rolls to the right and fires off another quick spell. A single bolt of lightning strikes the goblin in the chest. It shatters, and Kaleidoscope collects her prize: gold coins and a goblin chest plate to be sold at the closest general store for a menial amount of coinage.

Spinning to mark her next prey, Kaleidoscope discovers a goblin directly behind her. An axe slices through the air. She doesn’t have time to dodge.

Seemingly out of nowhere, a blade with a purple hue clashes

with the battle axe aimed for Kaleidoscope’s head. The sword belongs to a bare-chested blond feral dressed in thick furs and leather boots. He dwarfs Kaleidoscope with his sheer bulk, and on his back is strapped a second identical blade.

Over his head hangs his name – Noodles – in red lettering and a full health bar for the impending battle.

[Noodles] miss me princess

[Kaleidoscope] ***hole.

[Noodles] u kno u luv me

A single blow from Noodles’ Amethyst blade fells the goblin.

[Noodles] oo, a pile of gold

[Kaleidoscope] oo, a piece of candy


[Noodles] princess has a sense of humour

[Noodles] u wanna lvl up rite?

[Kaleidoscope] Your grammar and spelling make me ill.

[Noodles] well sry

Kaleidoscope launches an attack at the closest goblin. The rapid fireballs drain less than half the creature’s life, but she quickly dodges the short blade attack and follows through with a second. The pillar of flame engulfs the goblin, and the enemy vanishes. Kaleidoscope collects the drop.

[Noodles] not all of us wnet to some fancy college

[Noodles] hws that goin btw

[Kaleidoscope] Fine.

[Noodles] how monosyllabic of u

[Kaleidoscope] I’m surprised you know what that means.

[Noodles] hey!

[Kaleidoscope] Are we going to kick some *** today, or stand here and gossip like soccer moms.

[Noodles] lets lite em up

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