Unexpected Loot: Chapter Three

In a small hut at the center of the tiny island of Stonewell, Kaleidoscope stands at a low table kneading dough. Decorations are sparse. No curtains or pictures. Nothing to signify the small hut is a home other than the occupant, a baker, that paces the room. A single wooden chair stands against the wall by a window. Humans, elves, and the occasional wraith can be seen passing outside, going about their own business. Stonewell holds the largest sea market.

Kaleidoscope finishes kneading her dough and carries it to the wood burning oven against the far left wall. After several moments, she removes the freshly baked loaf of bread from the oven. It’s burnt. Dropping the ruined loaf on the floor, she returns to the table to mix water and flour, and begins anew.

[September 21, 2014: 18:42]

Guild Chat

[Kaleidoscope] I have 25 loaves of bread.

[Kaleidoscope] Does anyone want some?

[PrettyPinkPegasus] I do!

[PrettyPinkPegasus] ur online, S! i cant believe it!

Kaleidoscope places the newly kneaded dough in the oven and waits. It is a success. Stowing the fresh loaf in her bag, Kaleidoscope once again returns to the table to mix and knead dough. The abandoned loaf on the dirt floor flickers, then vanishes.

[PrettyPinkPegasus] u didn’t answer when i asked earlier 😥

[immortalsoul] y the **** would i want bread

[immortalsoul] that **** barely recovers health

[Noodles] u givin out bread babe

[Noodles] i’ll take sum

[PrettyPinkPegasus] y arnt u answering me?

[PrettyPinkPegasus] kaleidoscope!

A third ball of dough in hand, Kaleidoscope walks directly into the baker who owns the hut on her way to the oven, and he stops. A little speech bubble appears above his head, ready to speak to her and offer tips for baking. Sidestepping him, she walks to the oven.

[Noodles] need sumthin 4 wen ur not around 2 heal me 😉

[Fangmaster] dude, shadow is gonna be so cheesed if you blocked pink again

[Noodles] where is shadow neway?

[Fangmaster] writin his diseration

[Fangmaster] booted me out of the apartmnt too

[Kaleidoscope] Dissertation, dumb***

[PrettyPinkPegasus] why are u ignoring me!

[PrettyPinkPegasus] did u block me!

[PrettyPinkPegasus] ur so mean!

[Fangmaster] wutever. im stuck at a ****ing internet cafe

[Fangmaster] it smells like a dusty snatch

[Kaleidoscope] 27 loaves, and my bag is full.

[Fangmaster] i wouldn’t mind a few firm buns

[immortalsoul] fag

[Fangmaster] hey, what can i say. bangin the guild leader gets me some major advantages

[Kaleidoscope] I’ll give you a few loaves on Sunday before the quest.

[Kaleidoscope] And you better hope he doesn’t see that.

Private Chat [Noodles]

[Kaleidoscope] I’m in Stonewell. If you want bread, meet me at the bank.

Bag bulging, Kaleidoscope leaves the hut and follows the cobblestone street to the bank. Along the way, she passes the tavern and the blacksmith. All races come and go: some at full speed, others a casual stroll. Two human rangers chop down the trees in a small park. Seconds later, the trees regrow, and the rangers start again.

Taking a right at the crossroads, she enters the bank where three human bankers dressed in black stand behind a counter with old fashion teller windows.

[Banker] Welcome to the Stonewell Bank. Would you like to make a deposit? 

[Yes] [No]

Guild Chat

[Fangmaster] oh ****! i love you babe!

[Noodles] BAHAHAHA!! ur so f’n dumb man

[PrettyPinkPegasus] i wnt some! why are you so mean to me!

[Fangmaster] dont be hatin jus cuz i gettin sum and u aint

[Fangmaster] say hi to ur rite hand for me, or r u goin leftie thesse days

[Noodles] *****

[Fangmaster] ****er

Deposit 15 loaves of bread?

[Yes] [No]

Guild chat is [off]

Private Chat [Noodles]

[Noodles] boo

Bread successfully deposited, Kaleidoscope spins on the spot to find Noodles’ hulking form behind her – two swords strapped to his back and his chest bare.

[Kaleidoscope] Don’t you ever wear clothes?

[Noodles] and deprive the world of this

Noodles flexes his muscles and taunts before he breaks into the chicken dance, complete with butt wiggle and quacking hands.

[Kaleidoscope] moron

Bypassing the peacocking fool, Kaleidoscope dodges patrons of the busy bank and walks out the door onto the street.

Halfway down the street to the market, Noodles suddenly blocks Kaleidoscope’s path, forcing her to halt abruptly.

[Noodles] i brot u a gift

[Noodles] would like to make an exchange.

[Yes] [No]

Would you like to trade 10 loaves of bread?

[Yes] [No]

You have received a [Phoenix Casting Crystal]

[Kaleidoscope] Where did you get this???

[Noodles] fnshed the sorcerer’s tower quest last nite

[Kaleidoscope] But I can’t even wield it!! I’m only lvl 67 magic.

[Noodles] then lets go kick monster ***

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