Unexpected Loot: Chapter Nine

PM [Noodles], [Fangmaster], [Kaleidoscope], [Fate], [TwinDragons], [eatBBQ], [YOUTHFULSPRING], [lavenderlady], [lotusblosso... A certain matter of a rather sensitive nature has recently come to my attention once again. Discrimination in any form is not tolerated within our guild or under the ToS of the game. Verbal assault is a criminal offence. The culprit has been reported to …

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Unexpected Loot: Chapter Eight

Beneath the gently swaying branches of a half-naked giant oak, Kaleidoscope stands, hands at her side, while quivering leaves fall. The artificial breeze rustles the changing leaves, hues of gold and red, and ruffles the hem of her new cloak embroidered with silver. [September 28, 2014: 01:28] Guild Chat [TwinDragons] why doesn’t noodles ever wear …

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Unexpected Loot: Chapter Seven

A burst of fiery breath races across the rocky terrain and narrowly misses Kaleidoscope as she gracefully pirouettes. Fingers slashing through the air, she retaliates with a blast of her own spell. Lightning strikes in rapid succession, electricity cracking against the hardened scales of the mythical creature. The attack is ineffective, and the beast’s health …

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Unexpected Loot: Chapter One

Leaping into the air, Kaleidoscope performs a perfect flip over the beast, and lets the arrow fly at the peak of her aerial arc. It strikes true. The green health bar that hangs over the wolf’s head shrinks. Only a quarter life in the red remains. Twirling her left hand in the air, silvery light swirls, winding around her fingers. The mystical aura is cast at the lunging wolf with a flick of her wrist, and the beast vanishes in a twinkling flash like shattered glass.