Unexpected Loot: Chapter Nine

PM [Noodles], [Fangmaster], [Kaleidoscope], [Fate], [TwinDragons], [eatBBQ], [YOUTHFULSPRING], [lavenderlady], [lotusblosso…

A certain matter of a rather sensitive nature has recently come to my attention once again. Discrimination in any form is not tolerated within our guild or under the ToS of the game.

Verbal assault is a criminal offence. The culprit has been reported to the mods, and the account/player in question is currently under investigation which may lead to further action. In the past, I have allowed such derogatory slurs slide. This was a mistake and I apologize. Members of our guild wish to play unharassed, as is their right.

As guild master, I hereby put to a vote the expulsion of [immortalsoul] from the [Fission Chips] guild.

Any verbal attack will be met with severe consequences. A discussion and vote will take place Sunday 14:00 server time.


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