Unexpected Loot: Chapter Five

Kaleidoscope’s solitary figure stands at the edge of the calm waters of Glas Lake that shimmer under the simulated sun that hangs low in the sky splashed with hues of red and orange. Two fluffy white clouds drift lazily by.

With a skilled flick of her wrist, Kaleidoscope casts her fishing line, then stands perfectly still – her best imitation of a statue on the shore. A soft artificial breeze ruffles the hem of her dress and teases her inky black bangs.

[September 24, 2014: 16:17]

Guild Chat

[Fangmaster] where’d noodles go

[TheArtfulShadow] midst a lover’s spat with kalei perchance?

Private Chat [Noodles]

[Noodles] so hows ur brother?

Guild Chat

[PrettyPinkPegasus] ewww… that’s gross

[PrettyPinkPegasus] don’t even say that

[PrettyPinkPegasus] S isn’t gay!

Private Chat [Noodles]

[Kaleidoscope] He moved into his new condo.

Guild Chat

[Fangmaster] we even talkin bout the same dude

Private Chat [Noodles]

[Noodles] thats cool

[Kaleidoscope] … just off campus

[Noodles] but u like ur bro, no?

The fishing line tugs. Shoulders squared, Kaleidoscope grips the rod with two hands and tugs. The surface of the lake ripples. A large trout splashes and flails against the line hooked through its cheek. With an almighty tug, Kaleidoscope secures her catch.

Guild Chat

[Fangmaster] dude i met him i lived with him

[Fangmaster] so gay

[Fangmaster] his hair!

[Noodles] wait, so u’ve met him?

[lavenderlady] Hi Noodles

[PrettyPinkPegasus] HE’S NOT GAY!

[Noodles] sup chika

[Fangmaster] yeah man he went 2 skool wit shadow

[Fangmaster] they wer roomates

[lotusblossom] hello! have u not seen the glorious BL that is noodles and kalei

[Noodles] srsly, im rite here!

[immortalsoul] ****ing fags

[lotusblossom] if only kalei had a male avatar -drools

[lotusblossom] corse the girls has more to accessorize with

[immortalsoul] stfu

Deftly freeing the wriggling fish, Kaleidoscope stows her catch in her satchel. She baits the hook and casts the line as the sun slowly sinks behind the mountains.

[Noodles] sweetheart, i believe ur manliness is being calledinto question

[TheArtfulShadow] oh boy

[Kaleidoscope] my sexuality is of little consequence and hardly jeopardizes my masculinity

[Fangmaster] GAY!

[Kaleidoscope] … and on that note.

[lotusblossom] he didn’t deny it! -dances

Guild chat is [off]

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